Farmers often say, ‘if you want to really see how well a farm is doing, go look at their compost piles.’ At Emerald Spirit Botanicals, we know that a key component to a thriving farm is the health of the soil. Often referred to as our ‘reincarnation station’ the compost pile is a place of magical transformation where throughout the year we watch our food scraps and cut plant material turn into rich fertile soil. Different compost is used for different crops based on their nutrient needs. A crop that needs a lot of fertility, such as melons, would be a heavy feeder while a light feeder, such as beans, need very little fertility to grow in a healthy manner. We have four main types of compost we create on our farm:

plant compost – used for light feeders and seed starts

plant/manure compost – used for medium feeders

manure compost – used for heavy feeders

wood chip compost – used for perennial crops and mushrooms

Our compost is built in consideration of the 30:1 Carbon to Nitrogen ratio and we aim for a 135F temperature threshold. Our manure is sourced from a local organic goat farm.