2021 Emerald Cup Winner

Pink Boost Goddess takes home multiple awards at the Emerald Cup with an SC Lab Award for THCV and a 1st place finish in Certified Sungrown Flower.

Pink Boost Goddess Award Winning Flower featured in Farm Cut

Pink Boost Goddess, also known as PBG, is a 1:1 THC to THCV flower with a fruit, floral, gas aroma and a soft psychedelic high. Many reports from users include experiences of appetite regulation, visual clarity, motivation and joy. This is the highest testing THCV flower in the state of CA according to SC Labs. Grab some today in dispensaries across CA through our co-founded brand Farm Cut.

Katie Jeane has been breeding PBG for five years on her diverse, Sun and Earth Certified farm. She first received seeds from some friends, Linda Lu and Erin. At that time the flower was showing 2% THCV in 1 in every 50 plants tested. After five years of following her careful, spiritual-scientific breeding approach, Katie has managed to increase the THCV to over 10% in some cases. The cultivar currently averages yields of around 7-8% THCV.

THCV is a minor cannabinoid that has proven to be very illusive in the breeding world. It occassionally pops up in land race genetics and can be found in small amounts in the more popular Durban Poison. Dougs Varin strain has gained some traction as a THCV cultivar but seems to be used almost exclusively for concentrates and vaping. In a Weedmaps summary from 2020 titled “High-THCV strains you should know about”, Weedmaps lists the Varin strain at 6% THCV as one of the highest testing varietals known. As of this year we have managed to exceed 10% THCV on multiple tests including our Emerald Cup PhytoFacts report shown below.

Dominant Terps: Myrcene, Ocimene, Terpinolene and Beta-Caryophyllene

Moving forward, we intend to continue our breeding work with Pink Boost Goddess to further enhance the expression of THCV. We have a few goals in mind that drive our passion. We hope to stabilize a 1:1 THCV to THC, we are curious to explore CBD in a relationship with THCV and we are also curious to see if a THCV dominant strain wishes to come forward. If you want to track our story, follow us on Instagram @Emeraldspiritbotanicals and watch out for updates shared here on our website.

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