Effects: stoney, cheerful, embodying, uplifting

Aroma: rich, nutty, earthy, floral, pine, citrus, lime, orange vanilla cream

Cannabinoid profile: 8-12% THC 7-10%CBD

Breeding Intention: an uplifting 1:1 that is dominant in terpinolene.

Strain Bio:

Equinox is one of our uplifting, balanced THC/CBD varietals. Harvest for these tall, long branching, thick stalk beauties begin on or around Fall Equinox in late September. Dense chunky buds give off a rich floral citrus aroma hinting the presence of its dominant terpene, terpinolene. This cultivar arose from the union of pollen from Emerald Heart Farms with our heirloom strain, The Queen. We hope this strain can offer an energizing sense of joy that supports balance throughout your day.