Four Directions


Light, Clear, Functional


Peppery, Sweet, Floral

Cannabinoid Profile:

4-9% THC, 5-10% CBD, 1-3% THCV, 1-3% CBDV


Harmony Rose x Pink Boost Goddess

Strain Bio:

Four Directions is a cross between our 1:1 CBD Harmony Rose and our 1:1 THCV Pink Boost Goddess. This varietal welcomes in a dynamic relationship of four cannabinoids: THC, CBD, THCV, and CBDV. Weaving together these cannabinoids allows users to experience the subtle benefits of a variety of medicinal compounds in an enjoyable, low dose ratio. Four directions honors the great work of these four cannabinoids within the plant as well as the spirits of the cardinal directions, and the work of the elemental beings of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water.