Our diverse Certified Organic farm is tucked away northwest of Willits on a southwest facing slope. Surrounded by a mixed forest canopy of douglas fir, madrone, maple and redwood, our two acre garden is a haven for birds of all kinds including quail, pigmey owls, bats, blue jays and the occasional grouse. Situated on 60 acres, our property is home to a variety of other wildlife including turkey, bats, fox, skunk, deer, squirrel, bear, bobcat, and occasionally the mountain lion even comes to visit.  As high summer comes to our farm, the sound of running water is replaced by the busy buzzing of honeybees and native pollinators as they skirt from flower to flower sipping up the sweet nectar transformed from our rich lively soil. We provide a home for honeybees at our Bee Castle, which serves as a safe haven for the bees on the roof of our wash station for cleaning and preparing food for market.