Harmony Rose


Balancing, Easing, Harmonious


  Floral Rose, Earthy, Fruity

Cannabinoid profile:      

     8-12% THC       8-12%CBD


  Ocimene dominant with myrcene and limonene

Harmony Rose as seen in Farm Cut

Strain Bio:

This 1:1 carries a clear, refreshing, floral rose aroma that draws you in like bees to a flower. This ocimene dominant flower offers a gentle high that leaves you feeling relaxed in the body and uplifted in the will, ready to take on the day. This strains comes forward from the cherished genetics at Hope Springs Farm. While the exact lineage is not known, we expect this strain to be a Cannabis ruderalis varietal with an Afghan cross sometime in the past. We have bred this strain to a balanced 1:1 THC:CBD cannabinoid ratio and are currently back-crossing this sweetheart to improve its structure. Both male and female express a shorter, almost bush like appearance and the female produces beautiful thick kolas smelling similar to rose. This aroma stays true through the drying process and finishes with a rich creamy rose smell. The smoke is smooth and clean with flavors of sweet buttered popcorn and leaves you feeling relaxed yet uplifted to carry out your tasks in harmony.

Minimally processed to preserve Trichomes, Terpenes and Cannabinoids