About Us

Emerald Spirit Botanicals is a small family farm located west of Willits in the Noyo Watershed. Together, mother and sons work with a vision to bring healing to the earth and humanity guided by the plant spirits. We seek this balance by breeding cannabis varietals with 1:1 ratios of minor cannabinoids including CBD and THCV. It is from this place of balance within the plant and within our garden that we offer plant medicine to the world. Drawing from the methods of organics, permaculture and biodynamics we produce food, cannabis and other medicinal herbs with the prayer that it helps restore balance in humanities relationship to mother earth. In the last two years our work has been recognized at the Emerald Cup with a Regenerative Farm Award, two 1st place certified sungrown flower awards and two SC lab awards for THCV. We are grateful to be able to work closely with the earth and the spirits of our place and hope you feel our love in the medicine we bring to the world.