Pink Boost Goddess

Effects: uplifting, joyful, motivating, focused, driven may act as an appetite suppressant

Flavor: strawberry, mint, creamy and floral with some having a touch of gas

Cannabinoid profile: 8-16% THC 4-11% THCV

Strain Bio:

Pink Boost Goddess is an early flowering varietal that is harvested in mid to late September. The plants are short and stalky to support rich buds bursting with a colorful array of pink and magenta hairs. When smoked, the effects include an uplifting motivation and is often described as focusing and joyful. The flower often smells like floral strawberry mint with a hint of creaminess.

Additional Info:

Our Pink Boost Goddess is currently in its 2nd generation and still contains many phenotypes. Our 2019 harvest has flowers testing as high as 10.8% THCV. This years batch will be split into 3 batches – a low, medium and high THCV lot.